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Let's Solve


Free Elementary Math Olympiad Lessons and Practice for Fourth through Sixth Graders!

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What will you learn?

The curriculum covers a variety of topics, from number operations to basic geometry, to help students be successful in solving Elementary Math Olympiad problems. Some of the topics covered in the detailed videos can be seen on the right.

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Making a Table


Students will learn to take information given to them in a problem and create a table from which they can find the solution.

Drawing Figures


Students will be able to use information given to them to draw figures and diagrams. Then, they will be able to solve for the answer.



Students will learn how to use the Order of Operations (PEMDAS) to solve Math Olympiad problems efficiently and cleverly.

Basic Geometry

Students will be able to use their knowledge of formulas to solve commonly asked geometry problems in Math Olympiad.

And Lots More!


Both parents and students highly recommend us with a 5/5 rating in our feedback surveys! 

"The classes were amazing and I would recommend this to all my friends."

- 5th grader from Milpitas, CA

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